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Geno-Cost 2018


Every 2nd August we remember the lives we lost in Congo. We encourage every Congolese and friends of Congo across the world to share a candle of hope through social network using #Genocost

Chaque 2 Août, vous êtes invité à rejoindre la communauté congolaise à travers le monde pour participer à la Journée Commémorative du Génocide Congolais.

Nous aimerions encourager nos sympathisants à travers le monde, à nous rejoindre en observant une minute de silence mais aussi en partageant une bougie d’espoir sur la toile. Veuillez SVP soutenir notre action sur les réseaux sociaux en utilisant l’hashtag #Genocost.

This event is open to everyone, so you are warmly welcome to join.

This year we will also gather on Saturday August 4th in London, UK and Toronto, Canada for an evening of remembrance, reflection, and a moment of silence to pay respect to the people we have lost due to Congo’s long history of war and genocides. This will be a free and family-friendly event that will include performances, talks and food.
Genocost in Toronto


If you would like to get involved and help on the day, please email: congoyouthuk@gmail.com

RSVP on our Event Brite