Congo: A gift and a curse

The natural resources that the Democratic Republic of the Congo possesses potentially makes it the wealthiest country on earth. Unfortunately, in 2019, a research has found that DRC has one of the poorest population in the world with an estimated GDP per capita of $545.2 in 2019 according to the world bank. Why is it? […]

Geno-Cost 2018

English ———- Every 2nd August we remember the lives we lost in Congo. We encourage every Congolese and friends of Congo across the world to share a candle of hope through social network using #Genocost Francais: ———— Chaque 2 Août, vous êtes invité à rejoindre la communauté congolaise à travers le monde pour participer à la […]

Trauma: The Elephant in the Room.

  For the last two decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] has been a host to conflicts and unrest. Naturally, having negative experiences can have a negative impact on the psychological well-being of those who have been affected directly and indirectly by the

Le 2 Aout, tous unis contre le Genocide Congolais #Genocost

Le 2 Aout est la journée commémorative du Génocide Congolais. Elle marque le debut de la 2 eme guere du Congo en 1998. Partout à travers le monde, nous vous invitons a partagez la bougie de l’espoir sur vos profiles, en solidarité avec le peuple congolais #Genocost