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Magnifique, Genocost Ambassador in Canada

Geno-Cost Toronto: The True Cost of Our Technology Consumption From Congo

Most of the time as a blogger I share fashion, beauty or lifestyle posts but I also remember not to neglect where it all began. The place where most of my inspirations come from, my Congolese culture! Oh wait a minute! Let me introduce what I wore at the Geno-cost event — a Congolese Commemoration day

So when it comes to my background — where my parents come from, I often say that worlwide we are connected to Congo in our daily lives with all the electronics and jewelry made out of Congo’s Coltan and other natural resources like diamonds. In other words, it is like you have a piece of Congo with you every single day. In my thoughts, this unfair reality comes with guilt and sadness knowing that we own these luxuries at the cost of an exploited and suffering nation.

Magnifique, Genocost Ambassador in Canada

Congo has suffered and been mined illegally since the colonialization period. At the moment it’s estimated that 45,000 people have been dying each month and since August, 250,000 have been displaced.This silent war is directly linked to our technology consumption. Take a look at this amazing painting by Mbenga Robert and try to read between the lines.

Furthermore, I finally had the opportunity to be part of an occasion — “Genocost” a yearly event for every August 2 that took place for the first time in Canada at Mamaland resto-lounge — that highlighted the reality of what has been happening in Congo. We gathered to pay respect to those who we have lost throughout the ongoing conflicts, as well as to share how important it is to keep acknowledging and not ignoring what is currently happening back home for better outcomes in the future. The Geno-Cost is a commemoration Day about the Congolese communities. A meaningful initiative from the Congolese Action Youth Platform (CAYP). The platform aims to branch out worldwide (if you are interested to host it next years in your city, get in touch with the Genocost team here)

At the event, I was able to showcase an art piece I collaborated with @indahnathalie. The art piece illustrated Congolese women empowerment

This occasion is now on top of my list because it reminded me and portrayed;

1. My childhood, before I knew the existence of fashion through the tv, magazines or social media I was introduced to fashion styles from “La sapologie” movement and the Congolese sapeurs, dandies fashion lifestyle .
2.The reasons why my family left their country to immigrate into refugee camps and how we are now abroad.
3. A country that our hero Patrice Lumumba died for.

Finally there was some cool art pieces and books. Also poetry, fashion, music, food and Mutwashi traditional dance.

The event was a great turn out!! It could had been emotional sad to remember those we have lost but the event was uplifting and positive with  informative, artistic and inspiring performances.

My most standing act was with the motivational business coach speaker from @activedreamscoaching

Above all it showed that with unity we are capable of facing these challenges and progressing better as a nation if we continue gathering as one to support and inspire each other! Ingeta!

Images by Conakt and Michelle

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