Genocost Commemoration 2019

This 2nd of August marked the 21st year since the start of the 2nd Congo war in 1998. A conflict that has destabilised the Great Lakes region with war crimes and genocide. To remember all those who perished in this forgotten conflict, members of the Congolese diaspora across the world gathered to host the 7th […]

#Genocost 2019 Join the Movement worldwide

This year will be the 7th commemoration of the #Genocost . Please take a stand for the millions of Congolese who died in Congo wars. Join us and others across the world to show that their lives mattered, to say that they won’t be forgotten. On August 2nd, you can: light your own candle and […]

Geno-Cost 2018

English ———- Every 2nd August we remember the lives we lost in Congo. We encourage every Congolese and friends of Congo across the world to share a candle of hope through social network using #Genocost Francais: ———— Chaque 2 Août, vous êtes invité à rejoindre la communauté congolaise à travers le monde pour participer à la […]

Trauma: The Elephant in the Room.

  For the last two decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC] has been a host to conflicts and unrest. Naturally, having negative experiences can have a negative impact on the psychological well-being of those who have been affected directly and indirectly by the

Massacre a Beni

Près de cinquante civils ont été tués, en l’espace d’une semaine, par des présumés rebelles ADF, dans le territoire de Beni (Nord-Kivu) et celui d’Irumu (Ituri), selon le coordonnateur de l’ONG Centre d’études pour la promotion de la paix, la démocratie et les droits de l’Homme (CEPADHO), Omar Kavota. L’équipe du Geno-Cost voudrait étendre ses […]